01. The raccoon is one animal which has adapted well to the [urban] environment.
02. Crime in the [urban] areas seems to have remained fairly stable these past few years.
03. People living in the [urban] areas of the country generally have more liberal views than those in the countryside.
04. This city needs to invest more time and money in [urban] planning so that we don't lose any more of our beautiful old buildings downtown.
05. Japan has become a very [urbanized] country over the last one hundred years.
06. The [urban] centers of much of the developing world are being overrun by people coming from the countryside to look for work.
07. Kids from [urban] areas don't really seem to know what to do with themselves when they are alone, unless they have a television or something to distract them.
08. The [urban] centers are becoming so overcrowded and polluted that a movement has started in which more and more people are looking to move into the countryside.
09. Telecommuting may allow more people to work from less [urbanized] areas in the future.
10. Eighty percent of the people of Germany live in [urban] areas.
11. In the past, air pollution was generally considered to be an [urban] problem.
12. Only 16% of Bangladesh's population live in [urban] areas, compared to 86% in Australia.
13. Children are more expensive and less economically useful to parents in an [urban] society than in a rural one.
14. Research suggests that as [urban] ethnic youth become more sophisticated, they tend to value their ethnicity less.
15. The high tolerance [urbanites] have for non-conformity may actually encourage artistic deviance.
16. According to recent studies, [deurbanization] may now be gradually taking place in certain non-industrialized countries.
17. Zambia has the highest rate of [urbanization] in tropical Africa.
18. Throughout the world, [urbanization] has drawn people by the millions into desperate poverty.
19. The crowded [urban] environment is a source of stress for many of us.
20. Industrialization in Korea has proceeded in line with its [urbanization].
21. Many problems are caused by the subtle modification of a river system as a result of [urbanization].

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